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If you could not attend one of Barry’s Workshops you did not miss out! You can order a complete video of the 1-Day Class on The Art and Commerce of Video: How to price your services, bid and win jobs and how to use art to separate your work from others in your market, a video of the 2 day hands on Lighting & Composition masterclass (aka. How to Use What you have to make your productions amazing) or you can combine both videos into one premiere download.

If you have already signed up for or attended one of the stops and you purchased a Premium Pass you will receive this video automatically.

This Workshop Download covers the following topics and will be available by February 28:

  • Finding the Story
  • Discovering Composition
  • Sales Techniques
  • Finding New Business
  • Editing your Story
  • Mastering the Interview
  • Audio Acquisition
  • Filming with Different Styles
  • Finding Music and Manipulating Emotion
  • Advanced Business Philosophy

Price $450

Premiere Download for both classes:

$350 for The 2-Day Masterclass
$149 for the 1-Day The Art and Commerce of Video

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